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1. Shipping & Return Policy

Due to the nature of our products we do not do any returns all sales are final. If an item you have purchased is out of stock after purchasing we will contact you for possible replacement options, allow you to backorder if possible or offer you a refund on that item if no other options are suitable.. If your shipped items are delivered to you damaged or you are missing items please contact us via email contact@savvycraftersvinyl.com and we will assist you as best as possible.
We do not replace any products that have been damaged do to misuse or fault/error of our crafters in pressing, heating, applying or washing our products. All instructions are provided under the products in the product description tab. We of course also recommend you do your own research before purchasing or trying a new product.
For the sake of your time please arrive only after receiving your pickup notification.
Please note that all customs have a turn around time and that turn a round time is subject to update at any time. Whatever turn around time is set under the agreement checkbox for customs is the time expected and is the time that will be honored upon submission. We do not do rush orders.